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New In Town

Name: Kel
Age: 22
Place: New England
Likes: Vampire novels, Hello Kitty, Tori Amos, Italian Food, Dancing, Anime, Pink (the color)
Dislikes: Clowns, Spiders, Ignorance, Pointless Cruelty, Fashion Magazines, LJ Stalkers
Body Mods: 3 Tattoos, 13 Pericings

These were taken over the last six months so please pardon the craziness that is my hair. *grins*

The story of a red head...

Pink hair was just...wow. So fun.

Pink hair was also short lived. *sigh*

Rain + January = Hoodie weather

My friend is poking my ribs and saying "they need a body shot" so yeah, here.
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