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So fresh, so NEW.

Hey. I spent over a half hour clicking on rating LJ communities and this is the first good one I could find! All the others looked dead, or way too elitist.

My name's Charlotte, but a good 75% of humans call me Chaz. I don't even know why. It just happened one day. Some guys think I must be dykey because I have a guy nickname, but it's not true! In this situation I use my favorite ska reference: Don't let the bastards grind you down!

I'm 14. My birthday is September 29th, 2004. I act pretty mature, which is why most of my friends are a lot older than me.

I am pretty big on the game Dance Dance Revolution (DDR). You know, the arcade game where you hit the arrows as they fly up the screen? Yeah. I'm pretty much obsessed with it. I play at least 2 hours of it a day.

I'm mostly a "child of the mind", as I like to call myself. I spend most of my time creating stories, situations, dialogues, songs, and stuff like that. I guess I daydream far too often! It's really hard to tap into my mind, my friends tell me.

I really don't like most people. But I always have a good reason. There's always just this one thing about me that will make me hate them inside, until it grows and grows and I finally bitch at the person. They, not having a clue I even disliked them in the first place, get really surprised at me for this. Then they start to think I'm very weird.

Anywho! I'm probably boring you! I'll post now what you all really want to see.. if I'm going to "make the cut" for looks or not!

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